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  • Single – $1,495.00
  • Double – $1,245.00
  • Quad – $1,095.00

Date & Time Details: The retreat opens Thursday the 23rd at 4pm with opening circle and concludes at the 11am closing circle Tuesday the 28th.

Location: The Ponderosa Guest Ranch

Address: 2183 FM 1749 Forestburg, Texas 76239

lori klinger

payment details: Payment is due in full 30 days prior to retreat time.

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Camp Detox-Heart of a Warrior Retreat

With Lori Klinger

July 23 - 28, 2020

This special offering at The Ponderosa is not for the faint of heart. I am inviting 10 brave women who are ready to do some soul work to join me for a retreat that is sure to be challenging, exhilarating, and illuminating. This is a 5 night/6 day intensive, unique experience of letting go and connecting deeply to self, and to the natural rhythms of nature. We will be practicing detoxification on every level. I intentionally chose this steamy week in late July to assist in the detox process. Prepare to sweat. Get ready to dive deep so that we may  shine the light on what lies beneath our distractions and personal vices.

We will be exchanging our phones and screen time for old fashioned conversations…Fatty processed foods for nutrient dense non-inflammatory choices including juices and smoothies… Our go-to distractions for presence…And our busyness for BEING. And while everything at the ranch is super comfortable, it is expected that our schedule and activities will push you outside of your comfort zone. We will examine personal vices, the ways in which we distract ourselves, and the subtle self-sabotage that’s happening right under our own noses. It is expected that a myriad of emotions will surface, and it’s this discomfort that will serve as the road map to your healing. We will learn how to make peace with stillness and with ourselves. The process will involve…


*Guided meditations

*breath work/pranayama

*A super nutritious diet

*Biomat use


*Energy work with horses

*Journaling prompts w/ optional sharing

*Body work (massage/reiki)

*Sunrise ranch chores


*Fire ceremonies

*Times of silence

*Deep contemplation

…and an exploration of your INNER world on many levels. To set the scene for healing and new awareness, we will eliminate alcohol/drugs, phones, laptops and all technological devices, inflammatory foods, and any other personal vices. This is mandatory for all participants. It is important that everyone adhere to the guidelines for this special retreat for the benefit of yourself and of all the participants. This retreat may have a more serious tone and a slower pace than those offered throughout the year, but I can assure you there will be so much heartfelt connection, JOY, laughter, and trusted bonds made. You will no doubt leave this experience feeling lighter, clearer, and more WHOLE. Peace, joy, and a sense of purpose awaits you! A little soul searching is a good idea from time to time…don’t ya think its time? 🙂

I am honored to take you along on this journey! WARRIORS ONLY NEED APPLY! 😉


Lori Klinger
Lori Klinger is the owner/operator and lead yoga instructor at The Ponderosa Guest Ranch. She has been a dedicated student of yoga for almost 20 years and has enjoyed teaching and leading retreats since 2004. She is a natural teacher with a passion for sharing the gifts of yoga. She offers a unique blend of uplifting, heartfelt insights and an introspective, yet playful practice that leaves her students feeling refreshed and inspired. With the perfect marriage of movement and attention to alignment, she therapeutically and safely aids in each students’ asana evolution. She has been leading yoga retreats around the…
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