Karen Vanneck

200HR Yoga Teacher, Y12SR Leader
I have been teaching Yoga since 2013 in the Recovery Community.  I expanded my certification when I chose to become a Y12SR Leader (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery). This program combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga.  I found so much joy in teaching yoga classes, but something big was missing…. the connection with my students.  Y12SR is a meeting that is divided into circle time with the sharing of personal experiences after an inspirational reading, immediately followed by time spent practicing yoga on the mat.  There it was…the missing piece…human heart-felt connection. This format allows us to explore our feelings versus avoiding them in a safe, sacred space.
By expanding into weekend retreats, my hope is to create a place where those in recovery can share this sacred journey with the ones they love. I want to offer a place to bring family and friends, so that together we can step away from our day to day responsibilities and stresses, and explore the possibility that maybe we can all benefit from stillness, the beauty of nature, the practice of yoga, creating bonds with our body, mind and spirit, and making friendships with like minded people. In this space we can check in to our deeper purpose in this life time! We can thrive in union instead of isolation and live our best lives! We can explore the valuable relationship with our self and with the ones we love! This retreat is designed for ALL, not just those in recovery from addiction. What a beautiful world it can be if we all felt safe enough to show up just as we are!  One moment, one breath, one day at a time! I hope everyone leaves this weekend feeling ” What a gift it is to be me!”